Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sir Mix-A-Lot With Seattle Symphony - Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-A-Lot With Seattle Symphony - Baby Got Back

I love this video!
This is when the music from your club days grows up!
I first tried to see this video on NBC News and it didn't play. So of course I head over to YouTube to check it out.
Glad I did.
This video is funny and it puts a smile on your face. I ex specially like the enthusiasm of the lady in the black dress and glasses. She does have back and knows how to use it!

Check out the original post is by Louisa Gaylord@Louisa_Gaylord on NBC News - Sir Mix-A-Lot is an Unlikely Hit at the Seattle Symphony (Not true at all. They loved it)! The post explains more of how this came about.

Then head over to Seattle Symphony channel at YouTube to learn what they are doing with a new project called Sonic Evolution.

This is the original title of the video on YouTube:  "Baby Got Back:" Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

You can keep up on future events on Seattle Symphony website or their Blog called The Score.

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