Tuesday, February 11, 2014

80's House And Garage Classics As Mixed By The 80's Housemaster

You might remember dancing to some of these 80's House And Garage Classics.

I love most of these old 80's classic hits. Their still the best music out there.

Run Time: 1:10:12

Tracks List:
Chuck Roberts-In The Beginning 
Bumble Bee-Ladybug 
Status IV-You Aint Really Down 
Sister Sledge-Lost In Music 
D-Train-Keep On 
Class Action-Weekend 
Brooklyn Express-69 
Sweet Pea Atkinson-Dance Or Die 
Bruce Johnston-Pipeline 
Robert Owens-Bring Down The Instrumental 
Ten City-Right Back To You 
Jomanda-Make My Body Rock 
Femme Fion-Jack The Track 
Kenny Jason
Fast Eddie
Paris Grey-Don't Want It 
Mr. Lee-Come To House 
Bad Boy Bill-Bad Boy Track
Mike Hitman Wilson
Bad Boy Bill-Can U Jack 
House Gang-Work My Body 
Fast Eddie-Hip House-Yo Yo Get Funky 
JJ Fad-Supersonic 
Royal House-Dirty Beats
Simon Harris-Here Comes That Sound 
Blake Baxter-Does Not Compute 
Nightcrawlers-Push The Feelin On
Earth People-Dance

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