Friday, December 14, 2012

27 Dead in Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newtown Connecticut

This is horrible! Around 9:30 this morning a young man named Adam Lanza age 20 years old shot 27 people dead. He was armed with 2 firearms and wearing a bullet proof vest. 18 of the people were children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School in NewTown, Connecticut.

The Principal, school psychologist, school staff, gunman and gunman's mother are also among the 27 dead.

Police thinks this was a parent of one of the children at first. They are not sure yet because of one reason is the age of the shooter. The children ages are 5 to 10 years old who goes to Sandy Hook school.

This school does have security cameras and the front doors are locked during school hours. You have to show ID to get into the school and be buzzed in. This is why the police think it's a parent.

Parents were told to go to the Fire House to get news on their children. Then the parents have to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to the school.

The massacre involved two gunmen at a Connecticut school this morning, prompting the town of Newtown to lock down all of its schools and draw SWAT teams to the school, authorities said today.

State Police confirm that one shooter is dead. A second gunman is apparently at large. Car-to-car searches are underway.

It's unclear how many people have been shot, but 25 people, mostly children are dead, multiple federal and state sources tell ABC News. That number could rise, officials said.

It is the worst shooting in a U.S. elementary school in recent memory.

The shooting comes just three days after masked gunman Jacob Roberts opened fire in a busy Portland, Ore., mall killing two before turning the gun on himself.

Today's shooting occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, about 12 miles east of Danbury.
Three patients have been taken to Danbury Hospital, which is also on lockdown, according to the hospital's Facebook page.

"Out of abundance of caution and not because of any direct threat Danbury Hospital is under lockdown," the statement said. "This allows us simply to focus on the important work at hand."

Newtown Public School District secretary of superintendent Kathy June said in a statement that the district's school were locked down because of the report of a shooting. "The district is taking preventive measures by putting all schools in lockdown until we ensure the safety of all students and staff."
This is unbelievable and so sad! What kind of people would do this?

Can anybody explain me why this steel happens in this country?

No one can make sense of this. Or why this man would do this!

This is suppose to be the most happiest time of the year for children and everyone.

This man is from New Jersey and has ties in Connecticut. This investigation is still under way and will be a long time before the police have any answers of why this happened.

While some students have been reunited with their parents on the school's perimeter, There is still an entire classroom of children that remains unaccounted for, according to a parent with a child at the school.

The school is kindergarten through fourth grade and has about 450 students.

Above is a video of an unidentified girl who was there. In the video you can see what the school look like from above and how bad it is.

These parents had know idea when the sent their children to school this morning that this would be the last time they would see their children.

This is horrendous!!!!

This is the 2nd deadliest school shooting in history.

The shooter is dead but they are not saying if he killed himself or if the police killed him.

UPDATE: As I'm writing this we are told the gunman's mother was a possibly a teacher and he was mad at his mother.

The gunman lives in Bayonne, New Jersey and the police is there now at his house doing an investigation.

1313 Grand Street in Hoboken, New Jersey a man was arrested. He is a family member in his thirties of Adam Lanza.

20 children, 6 adults and the gunman was killed. And there is a secondary scene in NewTown, Connecticut with 2 dead bodies. This is at the mother's home. It might be a double Homicide

The police thought it was the younger brother Ryan Lanza who was the gunman but has learned it was Adam. But, they are still not one hundred percent sure it is Adam.

President Obama delivers an emotional statement on the massacre in Newtown, Conn.

December 14, 2012 will be remembered like 911.

Lord Bless these parents to find strength to move forward.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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