Sunday, December 18, 2011

World's Greatest Head Massage

World's Greatest Head Massage 

I was up this morning looking for a video for my health blog Healthy Beautiful You and came across this funny head massage video.

To be honest, I wish it was me getting the massage.

It looks like great massage to me.

Do you thank so?

After seeing this video I had my husband look at the video and give me a head massage.

It felt great!

I recommend you get one too!

Trust me, you will be glad that you did.

I felt so much better.

Oh, and have them do your neck and shoulders too!

This relieves so much stress, tension and relaxes the body.

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  1. I love this video, the guy is a bit theatrical but he has a point there. You can't reduce head massage to muscle manipulation only, head massage is done on bones mostly. This is something that the western massage therapy doesn't address.


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