Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy D Found Dead at 44 Facts and Bio

Heavy D Performs His Hits @ BET Awards Featuring Tyrese!

Heavy D's real name is Dwight Arrington Myers. His group name was the Boyz. In the late 1980's they became mainstream stars. "Now That We Found Love" was Heavy D's biggest hit from 1991. Heavy D named himself the Overweight Lover. He was also a fovorite of Will Smith and Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson liked him so much that he let D be a guest on "Jam".

This video is the facts of Heavy D's death and Bio of Heavy D

Heavy D, from Heavy D and the Boyz, was found dead in Beverly Hills as police shared what happened in a phone recording.

Heavy D & The Boyz performing live - Now That We Found Love from the MTV Club dance. 1991

In Living Color - Heavy D & The Boyz Ft 2pac - Live Performance

Classic Jam on In Living Color, Heavy and the Boyz carving up with Flava Flav and 2Pac.
2pac is in the blue cap with the black sweatshirt. This was before he became a worldwide rap phenomenon. You'll also see Puff Daddy in the background, who was managing Jodeci, Heavy D and other Uptown Records artists before CEO Andre Harell gave him the boot.

Korean DJ remix service IVY remix which is no longer in service. Came out in late 1998 or 1999. Great remix!

Rest in Peace my brother!

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