Saturday, May 5, 2012

Techno 2012 Hands Up - Best of 2011 - 90 Min Mega Remix (Mix)

Techno 2012 Hands Up - Best of 2011 - 90 Min Mega Remix - Mix

This will keep ya going.

Hope your like this mix and please comment!


Thanks DJ Tobesonic for this mix!

1.Jack Bontes – Never Close your Eyes (Empyre One Remix)
2.Kimura ft Tube & Tonic – Without You (Cc.k Remix)
3.Vegas Crashers – Fading like a Flower (Sonitus & Daniel P Remix)
4.Brooklyn Bounce vs.Discotronic – The Music Got Me (Original Mix)
5.Martin Van Lectro – Perfect Moment (Malu Projct Remix)
6.Marc Korn ft Natasha Anderson – Fairytale of Yesterday (Malu Project Remix)
7 .Dual Playaz – Everyday I See You (Bootleggerz Remix)
8 .Movetown ft Nana – Lonley (Empyre One Remix)
9 .Monday 2 Friday – Come On
10.Vanilla Kiss – Just 4 Tonight (Sunray Remix)
11.Michael Newton – Wow (Hey,Hey)(Cc.k Remix)
12.Dezybill – Wait for me (Malu Project Remix)
13.Neomi – Ti-Sento (Bastiano Breeze vs.Gino m Remix)
14.Mario Lopez – I can't stand it (Niccho Remix)
15.Mel W – Under the Rainbow (Malu Project Remix
16.Digital Sexy – Titanium (B&W Remix)
17.Naya Marie – Can You hear my Voice (Clubbticket Remix)
18.Rebecca – I need you to be here (Discotronic Remix)
19.Lara Janine – Invisible (Malu Project Remix)
20.Dino & Rocker – Breakfast @ Tiffanys (Justin Corza meets Greg Blast Remix)
21.Marc Kiss – High on Emotion (Diamond Boy Remix)
22.Basslovers United – Forever is over (Crystal Lake Remix)
23.R.Gee & Tecay – The Sun (Malu Project Remix)
24.Sunset Project ft.Tomtraxx – Nessaja
25.Tale & Dutch – Love Life (ThT Remix)
26.Azora – Lost without a Fight
27.Topmodelz – My Paradise (Classic Mix)
28.Justin Corza vs.Greg Blast & Addicted Craze – Could it be Love (Topmodelz Remix)
29.Mankee – Away(Raindropz Remix)
30.Andrew Spencer – Hippie Dreams (Tht vs.Ced Tecknoboy Remix)
31.Commercial Club Crew – Groove is the Rule
32.Propellaheadz feat.Mel – Catwalk  (Niccho Remix)
33.Diamond Boy feat .Jose Mose – I Try (Alternative Mix)

Play time 1:29:40.


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